Product Tutorials
Product Tutorials
The following multimedia tutorials are available for viewing. These tutorials will help you better understand the features, benefits and clinical applications of our products. Click a title to enter the tutorial classroom. 

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Estelite Bulk Fill Flow
Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is highly esthetic and strong all on its own - no capping layer needed, offering a no-compromise approach to even faster bulk fill restorations.
Estelite Sigma Quick
Learn how Tokuyama's Spherical Filler Technology allows Estelite Sigma Quick to polish rapidly, retain glossiness, and absorb light from the surrounding tooth structure to blend seamlessly.
Sofreliner Tough – Chairside Soft Denture Reline Made Easy
Sofreliner Tough makes relining dentures chairside a quick and easy to do procedure, providing the patient a soft and durable reline in just one appointment. It has superior tear strength, adhesion to the denture, stain resistance and maintains its comfort to up to 2 years.
Estelite Sigma Quick - A Spherical Revolution
Learn how Estelite Sigma Quick enhances your restoration time, decreases composite inventory, and provides the best alternative for your patient.
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